George M. Georgiou

Transparency International’s Corruption Perceptions Index: What’s wrong with it and can it be fixed?

George M. Georgiou*   Introduction Transparency International’s Corruption Perceptions Index (CPI) is the most widely...
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Another scandal at the World Bank

George M. Georgiou*   In 2021 the World Bank became embroiled in a scandal involving...
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Central bank independence: it’s more than just about interest rates

George M. Georgiou*   Debates about central bank independence have traditionally focused on monetary policy,...
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Lies, damned lies, and …….the World Bank

George M. Georgiou* Although the phrase “lies, damned lies, and statistics” is often attributed to...
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Measuring the informal economy: one guesstimate is as good(or bad) as another

George M. Georgiou* According to Eurostat’s data browser, Cyprus’ real per capita GDP in 2020...
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The Disconnect of Mainstream Economics from the Real-World Economy

George M. Georgiou* The financial crisis of 2007—2009, referred to as the Great Recession, which...
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